Friends of Halley House

Welcome to the Friends of Halley House School Page, You can see who we are and the dates of  our 2020-21 meetings.

Who we are!

Come and say hello in the playground and find out how you can get involved with the Friends of Halley House!

Hello, I’m Clare. I have Amelie in Y2 and Leila in Reception.


Hello I’m Lola, as well as being a Teaching Assistant in Halley House School I have 2 children who attend the school – Mon’Ay in Y4 & Malachi in Y3

Hello I’m Viv, I have Mia in Y3

Hello, I’m Keely and I have Dottie in Year 2


FOHH Meeting Dates, all at 9am at Halley House:


Friday 13th November

Friday 11th December


Friday 15th January 

Friday 12th February

Friday 12th March

Friday 23rd April

Friday 14th May

Friday 11th June