Happy School Bag

We are delighted to announce that the school is holding a clothing collection with Happy School Bag Fundraising Project.
This scheme is designed to help the environment by keeping textiles away from landfills and helping schools raise needed funds. By taking part in this scheme you help reduce the amount of reusable textile waste and give the clothing a new lease of life. As the time approaches, we will be working with the children to educate them about the importance of reusing and recycling in our community to link in with this project.

To take part you simply need to fill any plastic bags with unwanted but clean and reusable clothing. We accept children’s and adults’ clothes including paired shoes, (accessories: handbags, belts, jewellery, etc…).  We realise that it is very early to be telling you about this exciting project but with Spring approaching you might be having a clear out of old Winter clothes and we would like you to start collecting them for us now.

Remember the more you fill up the bag(s) the more the school can raise.

The Happy School Bag van will be collecting from our school on 9th March 2020. Please bring all your bags to Halley House School from the 1st March 2020  and help us have an amazing collection.