Read Write Inc. at Halley House

We use Read, Write Inc. as our ‘learn to read’ programme at Halley House School and have seen excellent developments with children’s reading and writing skills. Read Write Inc. is a phonics-based approach to literacy teaching and all lessons involve reading and writing activities. We have a committed team of RWI teaching staff, who teach the programme with passion and fidelity to secure very good progress for all our children.

Expectations and standards are justifiably high and lessons are lively, engaging and inspiring. Read, Write Inc. programmes are carefully managed by the Reading Leader.

At Halley House School, we aim for all our children to become fluentconfident, passionate, life-long readers.

Read Write Inc. lessons

Children enjoy their RWI lessons immensely, rapidly learning a very complex alphabetic code which they apply to both reading and writing.  RWI teaching begins formally in Reception, with the aim that most children complete the programme by the Autumn term of Year 2.

Partner practice is embedded in every stage of the teaching cycle, ensuring children are given lots of opportunities to formulate and discuss their ideas, develop their comprehension and make links to their own experiences.  Fostering a love of reading is one of our core purposes and we use a range of high quality storybooks to make explicit links to the RWI text children are reading in class.

From the very beginning of the programme, children’s writing skills are developed through phonetic knowledge.  In Reception, children begin by practising forming written sounds (graphemes) and short, phonetically regular (green) words.  Children soon move onto writing short, coherent sentences and later, descriptive, imaginative compositional pieces of writing.  Lots of concrete experiences are provided during the teaching cycle to further support children’s writing, and the use of Read Write Inc. teaching strategies throughout the day reinforces children’s confidence in and enjoyment of literacy across the curriculum.