School Policies

Halley House School is part of the Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET). Some of the policies below are listed as BPET because they have been signed off by their Board of Trustees, and adopted by us.

HHS Able Gifted and Talented Policy 0922

HHS Accessibility Policy 0922

HHS Accessibility Plan 2020-2023

HHS Anti-Bullying Policy 0922

HHS Behaviour Policy 0923

BPET Business Continuity Policy 0922

BPET Charging and Remissions Policy 0922

HHS Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 0923 (incl E-Safety Policy from page 13).

BPET Collection, Non-Collection and Missing Child Policy 0922

BPET Complaints Policy 0922

HHS Curriculum Policy 0921

HHS Educational Visits Policy 0922

BPET Equality Diversity and Inclusion 0922

BPET Exclusions Policy 0922

HHS Fire Safety Policy 0921

HHS First Aid Policy 0922

HHS Health and Safety 0921

BPET Modern Slavery Statement 0922

HHS Relationships Sex Education 0921

BPET Safer Recruitment Policy 0922

BPET Searching, Screening and Confiscation Policy 0922

HHS Special Educational Needs and Disability policy 0922 (incl. provision for pupils with EHC plans)

BPET Staff Code of Conduct 0922

HHS Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 0922

HHS Uniform Policy 0922

BPET Whistleblowing Policy 0922

HHS Primary PE & Sports Premium Impact 2122

BPET Expenses Policy (Trustee and Local Adviser) 0921


HHS Remote Learning Policy 0921

HHS Remote Learning Provision 0921– summary for parents

HHS Remote Learning Behaviour Expectations 0921


Privacy Notices

BPET Privacy Notice – Applicants 0922

BPET Privacy Notice – Parents and Carers 0922

BPET Privacy Notice – Staff 0922

BPET Information and Records Retention Policy 0922

BPET Freedom of Information Policy 0921


Parents and carers may request copies of any listed policies, and any other information of our website, in paper form, free of charge. Please enquire at our school office.

Last update: Sept 2023